Bzimple simplify the complex demand planning and forecasting process in fashion companies
Demand planning and forecasting at fashion companies
Fabric- and capacity booking in FashionBoard - Demand planning

Demand planning Software
Tailored for fashion companies

BZIMPLE is specialized in optimizing demand planning, forecasting, and replenishment processes for fashion companies.
We can help you to create an agile supply chain by simplifying your processes and IT-systems.

We focus on working with IT-suppliers, who can offer you the best and most user-friendly solutions which are available on the market.

Stock decreased by


Availabilty increased from
75% to 96%

Stock decreased by

How fast are you to react to changes in sales?
If all of your sales dropped or went sky high tomorrow, how long time would it take to get through all styles?

  • What styles and sizes should I book an order for today?
  • What is my need for booking fabric across styles?
  • How much I sell per week and which countries sell the style?
  • What sizes I sell and where I possibly get sold out in the range?
  • My expectations for revenue and inventory in the coming months?
  • How much capacity do I need at the suppliers?
  • How accurate my forecast has been over the last month?
  • What does the style I plan on look like?
  • Are there styles where I should push the supplier for a faster delivery?
  • Are there styles I need to fly home to avoid stock-out?

All of this data would take 15 seconds to find with Fashionboard

The best software solutions for you


Agile and user-friendly planning and forecasting software, helping brands to control their buying from supplier to central warehouse.



With 13 years of experience with planning and forecasting, we help companies structure data, set up processes, and train planners.



Demand Driven Replenishment solution optimizing the stock in the stores using daily calculation of the optimal stock level.


Demand planning and forecasting simplified

In the fashion industry, you have special needs when it comes to planning. Products have a short lifecycle and often long lead time on purchases. Being able to control your inventory is imperative so you can react quickly to all available sales trends and minimize your production lead time.

FashionBoard is tailored to your needs. Because we mainly focus on fashion companies, you will find FashionBoard to be simple and user-friendly.

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FashionBoard - Demand planning and forecasting software for fashion companies. Helping to make the forecasting process faster and simple.

What is in it for me?

FashionBoard is a demand planning and forecasting software that will help you react fast and easy to shift in sales.

  • The forecasting software will help to optimize your stock.
  • You will experience a lower markdown % on the obsolete articles.
  • The user-friendly interface will help to create bridges and improve the dialogue between sales and buying.

Designed by planners for planners in fashion

FashionBoard is built by planners for planners. As a result, it is visual and very user-friendly. We have designed our screens with product pictures and visual guidelines to help simplify your fashion demand planning.

With the visual product overview, you will be able to easily spot future potential problems. Therefore, it is very intuitive to work with the planning and forecasting system. This will help you to save time and money when training new planners.

You will very fast and easy get started using FashionBoard as your demand planning and forecasting software. All our partners have been up and running within a few weeks – getting all the benefits FashionBoard has to offer you.

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With FashionBoard demand planning, you can quickly overview all styles in a visual way. making it fast and easy to spot future problems
With FashionBoard demand planning, you have all the needed information available within one screen. hereby you can react fast to changes in sales

All information available in one tool

FashionBoard has all data needed for an accurate forecast available within one click with visual displays. This will allow you to work more agile and efficiently.

Often data are saved in multiple planning systems or Excel sheets, which makes it time-consuming to find and analyze the forecast. With FashionBoard everything you need is easily accessed, helping you to spend your time on demand planning and not searching for data.

With data easily available from retail stores, wholesale sales, fabric- and capacity bookings, you will experience a simplified planning and forecasting process that can help you to create the speed in demand planning you need as a fashion company.

Because your planners can react faster, you will have more success in getting new orders home for your bestselling fashion styles and be faster to cancel planned orders on bad performing styles. Minimizing your risks.

By using FashionBoard you will minimize your overproduction and thereby your environmental footprint, helping you to achieve the Global goal no 12 of Responsible Consumption and Production.

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Easy to evaluate all products weekly

Because FashionBoard is so fast to use, you will be able to evaluate all your styles every week. You can easily spot future potential problems in the visual product overviews.

FashionBoard Demand planning makes you able to easily get a supplier overview, to identify future problems

Replenishment tailored for fashion

Our demand driven replenishment software is very fast and reactive, helping you to optimize the stock levels in all your stores. You will meet user-friendly interfaces, helping you to easily plan promotions and stock adjustments.

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FashionBoard - Demand-Driven Replenishment software. Making replenishment automatic and making sure you have your best selling styles on stock.

What is in it for me?

By using our automatic replenishment solution,

  • You will save time on the ordering process in the stores or at your office.
  • Your optimal stock level will automatically be recalculated every day, helping you to have the right amount of inventory.
  • This will increase sales on your best products and reduce markdowns on the slow sellers.

Your optimal stock level is calculated daily

When doing replenishment in retail stores, the reordering is often based on fixed min/max levels selected by the stores or the head office. By recalculating the optimal stock levels daily in all stores and on all products, we make sure you have the right level of stock at all times. 

As orders are generated automatically, our replenishment software will help to save time used on ordering by the staff in the stores, and it will make sure your products goes to the stores needing them the most.

in FashionBoard - Replenishment you can make sure you are replenishing on our best selling styles.
FashionBoard Replenishment makes you able to see which products you are planning on.

Functionalities tailored for fashion

The simple overviews will help you to secure you have the best-selling product activated and suggest removing bad selling products.

You will be able to easily trim styles between stores, moving products to the stores selling this product the best.

Having exactly the right products to maximize your profits while meeting customer demands, is essential elements of your success in the fast-moving fashion industry. As fashion sales are seasonal and very sensitive, we have made it easy for the planner to interact and adjust stock levels.

You will very fast and easy to get started using replenishment. All our partners have been up and running within a few weeks, getting all the benefits the software has to offer you: Simplified allocation process, automatic order placements, and dynamic optimization of the stock levels.

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Consulting for planning in fashion

Have you just started to look into making planning and buying more agile?
Do you need a new set of eyes on your current processes?

With our experience with planning and buying in fashion companies, we can secure your processes are as agile as possible.

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BZIMPLE's logo. planning and forecasting consultancy for fashion companies


We assist fashion companies in creating a very agile and fast-reacting supply chain. Our main focus is: 

  • Data availability
  • Lead-time optimization
  • Reactive planning tools

We can help you in planning and buying by creating


Data availability

To be able to keep planning simple and fast it is important to have all needed data available at all times. Often people spend way too much time on finding and analyzing data and too little time on creating collaboration within the business. 

Demand planning and forecasting at fashion companies

Lead-time optimization

As sales in fashion are moving very fast, minimizing lead-times is one of the key elements of success. One of our main focuses is to help with how and where lead-time optimization is possible.

Reactive planning solutions

To be able to react fast to any changes in sales or buying, all data you need must be always available. We help to question the used data today and how optimization is possible.

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