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FashionBoard – Demand Planning is a forecasting software developed for fashion companies. BZIMPLE has a vision of making forecasting and demand planning as simple as possible. The forecasting software is visually designed and has all of the needed data available within one screen, helping planners to react fast to changes in sales.

New partnership with Yab Yum Clothing Co.

Yab Yum Clothing Co. with the brands GABBA and Blue de Gênes chooses BZIMPLE as their partner to help optimize the flow of inventory.

Their new visual and user-friendly planning and forecasting platform “FashionBoard” was implemented in less than one month and they are now looking forward to start optimizing the ordering processes and inventory levels.

Are you focusing on the right part of your supply chain?

FashionBoard - Demand Planning can help reduce the lead-time for products, so the planner doesn't have to look too far ahead in the future.

We are now all aware of the serious consequences Covid-19 has had for the fashion industry worldwide. We are in the coming years facing a world with a very unpredictable future and for demand planners a historic sales pattern that will challenge existing planning and forecasting platforms who mainly focuses on statistical models.