ELKA Rainwear: Optimizing forecasting and demand planning

ELKA Rainwear produces workwear that protects against the extremes of nature, where high quality and functionality are essential. The focus is on securing a high availability in all product categories.

“We expect that FashionBoard will help us to have a better product overview and to work faster. By working with the simple fabric and capacity overviews in FashionBoard we hope to optimize our lead-times” Morten Nielsen, Finance Manager, ELKA Rainwear 

By using FashionBoard as their planning and forecasting solution, they expect to keep the high level of availability but with a reduction of inventory. ELKA Rainwear previously worked with data output from their ERP system, which was modeled in multiple Excel sheets, making the forecasting process long and complicated. With FashionBoard – Demand Planning they experience that all the necessary data is gathered in one place, which results in the planners getting a quicker overview and thereby improving the efficiency. This helps the planners work faster by not having to spend a lot of working hours finding the necessary data but instead spending the time in making the forecast better and thereby ensure better availability and a decrease in inventory.

Lead-time in the past was far too long, making it difficult to maximize inventory without losing availability and revenue. Through FashionBoard – Demand Planning, working with fabric and capacity bookings will become much easier, which they expect will help to shorten their lead-times. This allows for the order to be placed as late as possible, which increases the accuracy of the color and size breakdown.

“We are pleased to have ELKA Rainwear on board and look forward to helping them in the time to come. The integration was fast and easy and used very few resources from ELKA” Thomas Frahm, CEO BZIMPLE

ELKA Rainwear


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