NÜMPH has chosen BZIMPLE as their partner

The fashion company NÜMPH has chosen “FashionBoard” as their new planning and forecasting software. NÜMPH was looking for a user-friendly all-in-one solution, with everything from fabric booking to forecasting, as they had a wish for more focus on their Never Out Of Stock products. NÜMPH started in 2006 with a focus on making fashion for the optimistic, strong, and independent women, and is now selling their collections throughout Europe in both online store and retail.

Before implementing FashionBoard NÜMPH was manually calculating everything from forecast to the size split of future orders. Fabric booking, forecasting, and sales numbers were split up in separate systems and Excel sheets, and hereby they were missing a holistic view and therefor making planning a very time-consuming process. NÜMPH sees the importance of managing their Never Out Of Stock products more effectively and has a wish of getting more skilled in this area.

“We want to be fast at reacting to the needs of our customers and to be able to do so we want a platform that simplifies the NOOS ordering process. We have chosen FashionBoard, as our planning software because all data we need is in one place, giving us an easy and visual overview of everything we need. This helps us to shorten our reacting time and to simplify the corporation with our suppliers.”
Lars Ørnfeldt Jensen, CEO NÜMPH

With FashionBoard having all needed data available in one place, we are able to help our customers to optimize fabric- and capacity bookings helping the brands to save lead-time, which is crucial to be able to order the right products and sizes. 

The implementation of FashionBoard was smooth and successfully done within a month, using very little resources from Nümph. As the platform is very intuitive to work with, the training of the planners will be fast helping NÜMPH to quickly get all of the benefits FashionBoard has to offer.

Founder AND CEO of BZIMPLE Thomas Frahm is happy to welcome NÜMPH.

“I am sure that NÜMPH will optimize the performance and availability of the NOOS program helping them to grow their business. FashionBoard was designed and built by planners in fashion, which is why our platform has just the right functionalities making the platform simple and intuitive to work in.”

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