BZIMPLE is specialized in optimizing demand planning, forecasting, and replenishment for fashion companies. We help to create an agile supply chain by simplifying processes and IT systems.

Founder & CEO Thomas Frahm has since 2007 been working in fashion with a focus on forecasting, planning, and replenishment. He was responsible for the fastest growing NOOS department in the largest Danish fashion company – BESTSELLER.

The department managed to achieve a growth of 500% in just 5 years, which was secured by creating a very agile department. By being able to take fast decisions they were able to not just plan on NOOS articles, but a large part of the growth also came from being able to re-buy seasonal articles.

After creating this agile organization, Thomas was looking for a planning and forecasting platform that had its focus on simplifying the planning process for fashion planners. After a search without any luck, the idea of a planning and forecasting solution tailored to the needs of fashion companies was born;  FashionBoard

FashionBoard - demand planning helps fashion companies gain more transparency as it is great for the collaboration between sales and buying.
FashionBoard - demand planning helps fashion companies buying process is more simple, as the planning software is very easy to use.
FashionBoard - demand planning helps fashion companies gain speed by having all data available meaning no time wasted on finding data.

“Buying the right products,
at the right time,
in the right quantities,
is the key to succes in fashion” 

CEO and Founder of BZIMPLE Thomas Frahm

Thomas Frahm
Founder & CEO

“By accepting that we are unable to predict sales accurately, we want FashionBoard to ensure a simplicity that allows you to quickly adjust sales expectations and future purchases.

No more time needs to be wasted finding data, as all data you need is always available. We have simplified the process of booking capacity and fabrics, helping you to optimize your inventory levels by shortening lead-times. Everything is tailored for fashion companies. Tailored for your needs.”

– Thomas Frahm, Founder & CEO