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JBS is Scandinavia’s largest and leading manufacturer of underwear with export to 50 markets worldwide. JBS experienced challenges regarding their planning processes, and their stock level was too high.

  • They lacked transparency in their current planning platform.
  • Data was not easy to find, making the process of analyzing and adjusting forecast slow and time-consuming.
  • Lack of communication between sales and buying regarding stock investments.


JBS replaced their planning system with FashionBoard and experienced an easy and manageable demand planning system. It was very easily implemented. Due to the user-friendliness, it has helped buying and sales to work even closer together.

  • All needed data is available in a few visual overviews, making it possible to evaluate forecast and stock levels within minutes.
  • An intuitive system to work in, with almost no training needed for the planners.
  • Adjusting forecast has become much easier and planning is now done weekly instead of monthly.
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Market – Apparel

Head office – Denmark

Employees – 300+

Products – 4.000 +

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JBS reference


JBS encounter their employees are pleased with working in FashionBoard, which makes the planning process more positive and efficient. These are 3 remarkable benefits they experienced by using FashionBoard:

  • Reduced inventory by 20%, making JBS able to follow changes in the market.
  • Due to FashionBoard being visually strong, the dialogue between purchasing and sales became significantly better.
  • They are now able to evaluate all styles every week, which resulted in an increase in their availability.
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