Hummel is an international Danish sport and fashion brand, with a long history of creating sports and fashion wear. Before hummel implemented FashionBoard they faced several challenges in their planning process.

  • Too much time was spent on finding data from multiple systems and Excel sheets.
  • As planning was done monthly, the reaction time to shift in sales was too long.
  • The users were frustrated about the difficult planning processes.
  • The availability of stock articles was too low.



Hummel was looking for a solution that would simplify the demand planning process, they choose FashionBoard because it is tailored to the needs of fashion and sports companies. They found the planning process much faster and intuitive with FashionBoard.

  • The integrated fabric booking makes the process of booking fabric across styles simple and intuitive.
  • They are not just able to evaluate all sales weekly, but can also easily track what the countries are selling. Bringing sales and buying much closer together.
  • FashionBoard is making the planning process very visual, creating nearness to the products for the planners.

Market – Sport and Apparel

Head office – Denmark

Employees – 100+

Products – 10.000 +


Hummel states that FashionBoard makes the whole visual image easy and clear, while all data is collected in one click. For them, this has made the whole process faster and far more efficient. These are their 3 biggest benefits:

  • With all data available, Hummel is now able to evaluate all styles weekly instead of monthly helping them to react much faster to shift in sales.
  • Because fabric booking now is simple, they use it on more products. This helps them to shorten lead time by 5-12 weeks, which benefits them to book the correct styles and sizes when placing orders.
  • Due to optimization in lead times and faster evaluation of styles. Hummel has increased their availability from 75% to an average of 96% in 2019.

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