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Moss Copenhagen is a fast-growing fashion brand with own retail stores in 3 countries. Their existing system was working with a fixed min./max. level, which was difficult to maintain. Therefore, they were looking for a replenishment system with a dynamic re-order calculation.

  • It was too manual to adjust the fixed min./max. level for all styles and stores.
  • They were not able to adjust stock levels often enough, resulting in stock-outs on best selling styles and overstock on slow sellers.
  • Too much time and money were spent on tasks, which could be automated.


MSCH chose our Replenishment solution to help them optimize the flow of goods to their stores. They experienced optimizations both on the stock level, but also in keeping full assortments using the functionality to trim the stock between stores.

  • The simple product overview helped them to quickly discover lost sales in some stores on their best selling products.
  • Trimming the stock between stores became much easier with the “Trim” functionality. This secured a better assortment in fewer stores.
  • The daily calculation of the optimal stock level on each article helped them react faster to changes in sales.
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Market – Apparel

Head office – Denmark

Retail stores – 18+

Quote from Moss Copenhagen reference
MOSS Copenhagen reference


The replenishment platform is customized to MSCH’s needs, which helped them reorder to the right stock level. With the best selling styles overview, it became much easier for them to make sure the best products were activated in the right stores.

  • The reordering process has been improved quite a lot, saving resources and diminishing frustrations.
  • They experience fewer stock-outs on fast-selling articles.
  • Inventory levels on the slow sellers products are automatically reduced over time, minimizing the number of articles being sold with a markdown.
MOSS Copenhagen reference

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