Søstrene Grene is a family-owned Danish company with 240 retail stores and is represented in 15 different countries across Europe. FashionBoard was implemented to strengthen their buying processes.

  • They did not find the planning module of their ERP to be able to cover their needs for transparency and simplicity.
  • Inventory levels were too high both in retail stores and in the wholesale stock.
  • They needed a user-friendly platform for a small team with many products.




Søstrene Grene chose FashionBoard for its user-friendliness, they wanted a platform that could help a small planning team with many products. The implementation was effortless and trouble-free, while help from BZIMPLE was giving with an open mindset.

  • FashionBoard has all the needed data available in one screen, helping the planners to spend less time on finding data and more time on planning.
  • A clear data mapping made the implementation process straightforward and clear.
  • The possibility to link outgoing styles to new styles makes it very easy to use historic data from their old products on new articles.

Market – Home Accessories

Head office – Denmark

Retail stores – 240+

Products – 5.000 +


FashionBoard helps Søstrene Grene to improve their general planning processes, which has created the results below:

  • Søstrene Grene was able to decrease their inventory by 30% and at the same time improve their availability.
  • Søstrene Grene not only improved their day to day work but also improved their overall strategic buying processes.
  • A great and intuitive platform for the planning process, supporting the planners to make the right decision efficiently and confident.

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