SMOKE-IT has chosen BZIMPLE as new partner

SMOKE-IT, one of Denmark’s leading e-cigarette retailers, has partnered with BZIMPLE, which offers a user-developed replenishment solution, to manage replenishment automatically for all stores.

SMOKE-IT started as a small Danish one-man business in 2011 and is today Denmark’s leading e-cigarette retailer with a well-functioning webshop and 30 physical stores in Denmark. The chain operates with 1.500 different products that were ordered by the store managers without any tools to help on the inventory levels. This way of ordering made the stores spend too much time on the replenishment process, and the stock levels were not optimized to the current level of sales.

FashionBoard replenishment was implemented during September 2020 and took only 40 hours to implement and all 30 stores were activated during October 2020.

 To help SMOKE-IT decide on the solution an analysis of last years replenishment was made by Millers (partnering company of BZIMPLE). It clearly showed how the replenishment solution could help and strengthen the chain’s dynamic business and help towards their goal of providing the best service to their customers. The analysis showed potential for reducing inventory and at the same time the opportunity to strengthen the availability in the stores. This strong analysis as a case laid a good foundation for choosing our demand-driven replenishment solution.

SMOKE-IT saw great opportunities in also being able to ensure a smooth replenishment of the stores, which is why there is an improved purchasing process for the central warehouse.

“We are sure that both the store managers and the central administration will be happy to automate the replenishment process. This will help them optimize the inventory levels in the stores but also create a better flow of goods, which will help the main office to plan better for the central warehouse.” Thomas Frahm, CEO BZIMPLE

BZIMPLE’s founder Thomas Frahm is very much looking forward to the collaboration between SMOKE-IT, BZIMPLE, and the software supplier “Millers”.

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