New partnership with Yab Yum Clothing Co.

Yab Yum Clothing Co. with the brands GABBA and Blue de Gênes has choosen BZIMPLE as their partner to help optimize the flow of inventory through the forecasting software FashionBoard.

We are very happy that the family-owned fashion company Yab Yum Clothing Co. with the brands GABBA and Blue de Gênes has chosen “FashionBoard” as their new planning and forecasting solution. Yab Yum Clothing Co. has more than 30 years of experience focusing on making jeans and is selling their products throughout Europe in both retail and online stores.

Before implementing FashionBoard, GABBA was manually calculating the placement of the running orders for the  Never Out Of Stock program. This was a time-consuming process using a lot of gut feeling and various Excel sheets.

“We chose FashionBoard as it was very visual and user-friendly tailored to our needs, and we expect to be much faster at reacting to the needs of our customers and to reach our goal of 100% availability. The implementation was very smooth at a fixed price, using very little of our own IT resources”.  Ole Madsen, Operations Director Yab Yum Clothing Co.

Because FashionBoard was built for and together with fashion brands, the functionalities of the platform have been tailored to the needs of the fashion industry, making it very visual and user-friendly. All needed data is available within just a few clicks of a mouse and forecast models are made to react very fast to any changes in sales.

The founder of BZIMPLE Thomas Frahm is convinced that FashionBoard will help to optimize the inventory and simplify the planning processes for Yab Yum Clothing Co.

“Our mission is to make the demand planning processes for our customers are as simple as possible and at the same time create the speed that is needed within the fashion industry. We aim for GABBA to experience a more user-friendly solution helping them to secure good stock management during their expected future growth”. Thomas Frahm, CEO BZIMPLE

We are happy to be welcoming GABBA and Blue de Gênes. 

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